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When you order before must read and accept the Disclaimer

All Singularity nls Websites is provided for educational, experimental, investigational, and research purposes only.

  • All Information and products contained here, should not be construed as medical advice/device.
  • The international laws states to mention: we are not licensed doctors.
  • We help in healing yourself by the power of your own healing capabilities and GOD.
  • We are researchers, inventors, producers, education, support and a sales company.
  • All products are developed and produced by Singularity companies with their own responsibility and liability
  • If you need any medical advise seek help with your doctor or medical specialist.
  • Your health is your own responsibility.
  • You always stay under control \ checks by your medical doctor/hospital.
  • Success is NOT guaranteed. We will do our very best and more but Karma can be involved or other external and internal matters.
  • Refunds are not permitted as we work many more hours than charged and far below normal rates\wages.
  • Reservations can not be changed as preparations need time and other clients can not be helped by cancellations.
  • All stated also accounts for our products and services.
  • YOU, the customers \ client, accept this terms and you will never do ask for a refund by Paypal after the 30 days after ordering
  • You will never start a lawsuit against Singularity or its owners.
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